Why I Signed With a Traditional Publisher

In April 2011, I had a conversation with my dad about changes in the publishing industry and what to do with my manuscript MIDNIGHT THIEF. By the end of our discussion, I’d decided to self publish.

My writer’s group was supportive, but suggested I query a few agents to keep my options open. Sounded reasonable, so I mailed some queries while I sent the manuscript to one last round of beta readers, figuring I wouldn’t lose time this way. Seventeen days later, I had five offers of representation and a lot of thinking to do.

As most of you know, I did end up signing with an agent and selling my book to Disney-Hyperion. Since I hang out a lot with indie authors, people have asked me why I went traditional. So I thought I'd outline my reasons here.

Bid on a Group Critique from Me and Other 2014 Debut Authors to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims

It's been a crazy week, with Hurricane Sandy.  I hope this blog post finds you all well and safe.  In an effort to help with the relief efforts, Jennifer Malone is organizing an auction of reading and writing related items to benefit the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. A group of 2014 Debut Authors (including me!) have teamed together to donate a group critique package.

If you win the package:
Two authors will critique your query
Three authors will critique your first 10 pages. (I'll be one of them)
Plus, a 20 minute Skype chat with three authors about publishing, writing, anything else.

The auction runs from now until Wednesday, November 7. Check it out if you want more details on the authors involved (They are fabulous!), and also look through the other very cool items offered!

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