Interview with MIDNIGHT THIEF's cover designer. And win a signed hardcover!

The bookstore at the Ontario Teen Bookfest. Do you see MIDNIGHT THIEF?

Note: I'm still giving signed bookplates to people who preorder.  See details here.

While I've always theoretically understood the importance of good cover art, but I didn't really appreciate it until the months before Midnight Thief's release.

Disney-Hyperion really hit it out of the park with this one.  As soon as the cover went up on goodreads, people started telling me they became interested in the book because of the cover.  And when Midnight Thief went on sale for the first time at Ontario Teen Book Fest (yes, we released 20 copies early for the festival!) I saw people crossing the room to pick up the book because the art caught their eye.  We sold out all 20 copies around lunchtime, and given that I was a complete unknown who didn't even technically have a book out yet, it can only be because of the cover art and description.

Today I'm thrilled to have my cover designer Tanya Ross-Hughes over to talk a little bit about the design process. And stick around after the interview because I'm giving away a signed finished copy of Midnight Thief!

In which I gush about readers and bribe people to preorder with bookplates

Less than a month until MIDNIGHT THIEF releases! The event page for MIDNIGHT THIEF’s official launch party is live :-) Between the mood swings, Amazon sales rank refreshing, picking up my newly printed hardcover to read a few pages and becoming convinced that IT’S ALL WRONG HOW DID I THINK I COULD EVER PUBLISH THIS CALL MY AGENT TO PULL THE BOOK NOW, I’m having a great time!

Hehe, I’m kidding. Sort of.

Seriously though, despite the crazymaking roller coaster, there are also some truly magical things about approaching the launch of my debut book. Or actually, it’s mostly one thing. Readers.

You know who you are. I love you so much, and my novel isn’t even out yet.

I’m at the stage in my career where it’s still possible for me to know by name a good proportion of the people who enjoyed my books. And while I know that maintaining a career as a writer requires working to move beyond that point, I’m also very aware that this is a special time, and hope I never forget how awesome it is to interact with people who have taken the time to jump into these imaginary worlds I’ve created and experience them with me. Thank you.

Generally, going forward, I hope to offer special deals and freebies to people who follow me via blog/social media/mailing list. With self published works, it will usually be a discounted price. With traditionally published books I can’t change the price, so it has to be something else.

Those who are familiar with the publishing industry know how important preorders are to a book’s success. Publishers monitor these numbers get an idea of how well the book will sell, and this in turn informs how they approach the marketing, print runs, etc.

From now until July 7th, if you email me proof of preorder for MIDNIGHT THIEF along with your mailing address, I’ll mail you a signed bookplate and bookmark. 

1.  My email address is liviablackburne[at]gmail[dot]com. You can include a name if you want the bookplate signed to anyone in particular, and feel free to obscure any credit card/other sensitive info when you email your receipts.
2. Feel free to get MIDNIGHT THIEF at any vendor your prefer.  Though if you plan to attend any of my in-person signings in Los Angeles, Boston, or Albuquerque, please consider buying your book at the event in order to support that venue and ensure their ability to host future signings (no need to preorder in this case, though an RSVP to the event would be helpful!). And of course, I’ll happy to sign your book and give you a bookmark in person
3.  Update: Crystal brought up the good point that some people prefer to support their local indie, and not all independent bookstores do preorders.  So, for those folks, feel free to email me receipts up to July 21st.

Here’s a picture of the bookmark. (Thanks to Amber at Me, Myshelf, and I!).

 I haven’t settled on a bookplate yet, but I'm leaning toward this one:

Thank you again for your support!