Making Book Themed Pinterest Boards

Poison Dance

It's one of those moments that make you go, "So that's why I became a writer."  A link from Pinterest showed up on my Google Alerts, and I clicked through to find a board inspired by my novella Poison Dance.

It blew me away.  The pinner had posted images for everything from characters to settings to the Minadan spices that play a key role in the plot.  As Poison Dance's author, I obviously have images of the story in my head, but there's something about seeing it presented visually that really brought it to life.

So... after I finished squealing, I tracked down the pinner:  Morgan Mittelbrun, an art student who loves to read books and dance.  Turns out that Morgan makes a lot Pinterest boards based on books she reads.  I thought they were awesome, both from the perspective of a fellow reader who loves to fangirl over my favorite series, and as a writer who might use boards like these for writing and marketing.  I invited Morgan to drop by the blog for an interview, and she kindly agreed.