Questions I'm asking while revising UMBERTOUCHED

I'm editing Umbertouched right now, the sequel to Rosemarked. If the first draft reads like a manuscript written in fifteen minute increments at 3am while breastfeeding, that's because... well, it was.  So I'm doing a big overhaul right now with my editors, and I thought I'd share some of the questions guiding my revision.

1.    Does every side character have a goal/personality/?
2.    Could every scene be pushed to be more dramatic, action packed?
3.    Can each character relationship be pushed for more tension?
4.    Is backstory shown rather than told?
5.    Does every development make things harder for the protagonists?
6.    Are any sequences too predictable?  Can you change expectations so the reader is more surprised?

What questions guide your revision process?

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