It's official! My husband makes me write bad storylines.

A couple weeks ago, Writer's Digest editor Chuck Sambuchino had a "Worst Storyline Ever" contest on his blog. The idea was to come up with one sentence that would describe the worst movie storyline ever. It was a hilarious contest and a great fun, with many people submitting some absolutely atrocious movie plots. Earlier this week, Chuck contacted me to tell me that my submission won! This was my entry:

"After an unidentified cow swallows an armed nuclear device in a botched Homeland Security raid, Agent Tom Anderson is thrust into an unlikely partnership with buxom organic farmer Daisy Jones to sift through three hundred cows and 10 barns full of manure as the clock runs down in a desperate quest to save Kansas City from a moo-clear disaster."

Thanks Chuck!

As much as I would like to run off to write for Hollywood now, the majority of the credit for this entry actually belongs to my husband Jeff, who is by all accounts a pretty funny guy (Or was it funny looking?). The "moo-clear" pun that everyone fell in love with? That was his invention. Perhaps there is a future in screenwriting for him, if the whole astrophysics thing doesn't work out (Yes, he's an astronomer. How cool is that?).

So lets raise a toast to those around us who give us the ideas and inspiration to write at our best (or our worst). Who are your muses, and in what ways do they help you?

P.S. Speaking of contests, the finalists for Nathan Bransford's first paragraph contest were just announced, and their paragraphs are absolutely wonderful. Go check them out, and vote for your favorite before Sunday.