Seven Reasons Agents Stop Reading

I recently attended an event where agents talked about what makes them stop reading a manuscript. To find out the 7 tips I gleaned from that session, see my guest post on the Guide to Literary Agents Blog.

Also, my manuscript was critiqued at that same session. I wrote about agent feedback on my particular excerpt here.


  1. Congrats on surviving Editor Idol! I had my piece read a couple of years ago @ Muse and the Marketplace (Grub) and was relieved to see those hands stay down.

    Super blog. Found you via Chuck S. Super. I dig neuroscience and writing, and my own blog features mental health/substance use and writing (though heavily writing oriented of late). And congrats on juggling grad school and writing -- may your right and left sides continue to serve you well.

    Peace, Linda

  2. Hi--I found your blog via a link to that guest post, and am stopping by to say hello. I've subscribed to your posts via an RSS feed and I have a feeling I'll learn a lot here. I've really enjoyed the posts I've read so far. :)

  3. Loved your article on the Guide to Literary Agents.

    Keep it up, your blog keeps getting better and better.