Brain Science, Verbal Diarrhea, and How a Cup of Kahlua Got Me Into MIT

Hello everyone!  Our revision series will continue shortly.  There's still time to write an entry to Part II and see what others have written in the comments, including one impressive entry in which Simon harnesses the five senses to ruin a happy ending.

But for today, something different. I've followed author/blogger Joanna Penn for a while now and admire her greatly.  Her blog The Creative Penn takes writing blogs to the next level with insightful articles, podcasts, and video blogs about anything publishing related.  She was recently listed on Problogger's 30 Bloggers to Watch in 2010 .

Joanna was kind enough to invite me for a podcast interview.  We had a nice chat about brain science and writing.  Click on over to hear the podcast.  There's a written summary as well (although it doesn't explain the Kahlua reference in the title of this post).

Thanks Joanna!


  1. Thanks so much for being on the podcast Livia. You are a fount of interesting knowledge!
    Have a great week, Joanna

  2. Cool I'll check it out. Although its too late for me to be accepted at MIT, maybe incorporating Kahlua into my breakfast can help. Or if I can open that darn wormhole up in my garage.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. Nice interview, Liv!

    Also, thanks for the link, good lady. For some reason, it makes me happy to be held up as a negative example.... :)