Top Ten Posts of Year Two

We're closing in on the end of of this blog's second year. Yay! Thank you all so much for sticking around and for your thoughtful comments and support. As I did for Year 1, this seems a good time to do a round-up of Year 2's most popular articles. So without further ado, in chronological order:

1. The Power of Touch
Do you use touch imagery in your writing? Some intriguing psychological studies suggest that it may be more powerful than you think.

2. Will Self Publishing Make You Die?
I had fun writing this post. And it's interesting  how much the industry's perceptions of self publishing have changed even since I first wrote this article.

3.  How Language Affects Thought
Does the language you speak affect the way you think?

4.  Storytellers and How They Force Their Brain Activity On Their Audience
That's right. You can control people's minds.

5.Erotic Romance, Condoms, and Social Responsibility
When psychologists rewrite romance novels to include safe sex practices, hilarity and science ensues.

6. Worldview, Tolkien, and Why Catholics Write Bad Stories
In which I wonder about our idea of  "a good story" and how dependent it is on culture.

7. What Mirror Images and Foreign Scripts Tell Us About The Reading Brain
An excerpt from my essay From Words to Brain about what makes letters and writing systems special.

8.  Typing Vs Longhand:  Does it Affect Your Writing?
This is by far my most popular blog post ever. Funny, because I almost didn't think it was interesting enough to post. Just goes to show that you never know.

9. The Blogification of Writing Tips
In which I become all angsty about the value of writing blogs.

10.  On Writing Realistic Male Characters:  (aka, Men Are Jerks)
Are your male characters unrealistic? Maybe they're too nice.

And that's the top 10 for year two. Thank you all!


  1. I clicked over and read number 8. It is an interesting topic. It is clearly a different feeling to scratch something out on paper vs. clicking away on a keypad.

  2. Congratulations on the almost 2 year anniversary. I hope this blog will stay for a long time still.

    In other news, it is very interesting to see how quickly the public's perception of self-publishing has changed since your post.

    By the way, for year three, you should put in a graph. We (okay, probably just me) would like to see how much more popular one post is in relation to the others. Yes.

  3. Mary -- glad you found it interesting!

    Jake -- Thank you! Hehe, and we'll see about the graph. Numbers are confusing for this blog though, because some of the articles (the ones based on scientific journal articles) get syndicated through, giving them a huge boost. While the pure writing articles don't.

  4. Just saw this posted on Twitter and so glad I hopped over. They all look interesting. #1 especially caught my eye because I've done a whole blog post on how JK Rowling uses the power of touch in her writing. All her highly charged emotional scenes will have lots of "touching." :-)