Brain Science for Writers 12/17/14

"Gray501". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Top Pick:  The mind-bending effect of feeling two hearts.  Fascinating article about how our sensations of internal organs affect how we process emotions.  (via Linda Poitevin)

Poorer kids may be too respectful at school.

Why do friendlier people lead happier lives?

The power of cute. A good reason to look at cute puppies before proofreading...

You can boost your creativity by looking at art. (via Passive Guy)

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  1. The "happier lives" link appears to be broken.

    Great selection of links!

  2. "Poorer kids may be too respectful at school" reflects my experience as an educator for nearly 40 years. It is also true of girls, who are less likely to demand attention and help.

    1. That's too bad, Jan. But I guess awareness of the problem is the first step.