Brain Science for Writers Roundup 5/3/15

Lego StarWars Han Solo Endor base

Top Pick:  Han Solo Shot First. The surprising significance of past tense, present tense, and everything in between on Wikipedia

After handshakes, we sniff people's scent on our hand. Kinda creepy, but cool!

Harsher punishments for the obese and hippies -- particularly for purity related violations. Insightful and depressing look at how subliminal biases can work.

Gossip boosts self reflection.

"I did it for the team" – How outsiders cheat in pursuit of popularity

Does Thinking About God Increase Our Willingness to Make Risky Decisions?

By age three, girls already show a preference for thin people

The Women Who Stare at Babies. Women who want to be mothers enjoy looking at baby faces more than other women. A good example of how a character's point of view can affect visual descriptions.

Moral Time: Does Our Internal Clock Influence Moral Judgments?

By helping other people, you'll find it easier to accept the help you need

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