Brain Science for Writers 7/21/15

"Kapseln" by user:Würfel - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Featured: The Problem of Artificial Willpower. Really interesting philosophical questions...

Featured: Being A Better Online Reader

Just two questions predict how well a pilot will handle an emergency. I wonder how much of the self reported scores is reflective of confidence vs. actual ability.

Saving For Retirement — As Simple As Counting in Days

The scaremongers were wrong: Metalheads from the 80s are thriving. Yeah, but I wonder how they do on hearing tests.

Brain wave study shows how different teaching methods affect reading development

Our jumpiness at nighttime is not just because it's dark. Keep time of day in mind as a tool for creating atmosphere.

I bought a house that is simply too big and now I have to hire a cleaning service… The humble brag is now an area of scientific inquiry.

What Your Pet Reveals about You

How Smart Should the President Be?

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