Brain Science for Writers Roundup 9/19/15

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"A Day Out With Friends (12301023434)" by Faisal Akram from Dhaka, Bangladesh - A Day Out With Friends. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Featured post: How Grounded Is Your Love Life? I love embodied cognition studies. Great fodder for imagery ideas you can use in your writing.

Featured post: The Coddling of the American Mind. More an opinion article than a research article, but raises interesting questions.

Is "Baby Brain" a Myth?

What Happens When Minority Kids Are Taught Not to Talk About Race. (Thanks to Kurt for the link)

How influential are peer reactions to posts on Facebook news channels?

Decoding Trump-Mania: The Psychological Allure of Hating Political Correctness, Part 1

Nail Biting May Arise from Perfectionism

‘Milestone ages’ may trigger new perspectives on life

How To Be a Better Person: Awe Yourself

Workplace rudeness: Death of a thousand cuts

Cell phone notifications may be driving you to distraction

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  1. Thanks, Livia. Yes, the controversial essay on the coddling of the American mind is most definitely an opinion article, but well worth reading.