A Brain Scientist's Take on Bad Reviews

"I’ve noticed a pattern in the blog posts of debut authors. Before the book comes out, there’s a flurry of activity about prelaunch preparations. Then there’s a celebration on launch day and a big promotional push. And finally, after things have quieted down there’s a philosophical post about bad reviews. This is mine."

 I'm at The Creative Penn today talking about bad reviews. 

Also, I got the rights back for From Words to Brain, and it's on sale for .99 cents until February 17th, 2014.  If you like the tour of reading in my guest post, check out the essay.

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  1. Interesting giveaway.I use bookmarks to give to potential readers of my newly released book. Alas! This time, I procrastinated about making the darn bookmarks, so have none to give away. Another marketing blunder! :)