Brain Science for Writers Roundup 9/19/14

Top Pick:  A fascinating video on brain changes while people are listening to a story, and how those changes predict behavior.  I'm not quite sure I agree with their conclusions about any specific type of story structure, but still, very interesting.

When are jokes about a tragedy funny rather than offensive?

Apparently there's a link between hotter temperatures and increased violence.

An interesting article about a language in which smell is described much more specifically than in English. Takeaway for writers?  "Even if language doesn’t strictly limit the concepts you’re able to think about, it’s still easier to notice distinctions if you can put them into words. Which means that if you take the time to recognize the nuances of your favorite scents, you may find yourself developing a more elaborate smell vocabulary of your own."

One professor argues why digital reading is bad for a humanities education.  (via Passive Guy)

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