Brain Science for Writers 3/3/2015

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Top Pick: To fall in love with anyone, do this. This is a fascinating article on how to generate emotional intimacy between two people. The article overstates it a bit -- the actual study (linked in article) didn't actually make people fall in love. Rather, the couples who went through their procedure scored one point higher on a "closeness questionaire" than couples assigned to small talk. But still, I found the article fascinating. And for novelists, I highly recommend clicking through to the research study and reading the questions in the appendix, if you'd like an example of the types of questions and conversation topics that foster emotional closeness between two people.

Long work hours make people more likely to drink heavily

The delivered story vs. the interpreted story.

For Couples, Success at Work is Affected by Partner’s Personality

Political gridlock: blame the men. Take the conclusions drawn here with a grain of salt. The study itself involved survey data from voters, and experiments on undergrads. To go from that to speculations about how congress functions is a big leap indeed. Still, this article has some interesting points to think about.

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