Brain Science for Writers Roundup 3/20/15

Pierre and Marie Curie at work in laboratory Wellcome L0001761.jpg

"Pierre and Marie Curie at work in laboratory Wellcome L0001761" by
Gallery: Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Top pick: Belief that some fields require 'brilliance' may keep women out. Makes me wonder if we need more stories about brilliant women.

Anthropologist seeks the roots of terrorism.

Why romantic illusions are a good thing.

In the brain, romantic love is basically an addiction.

Terms of Endearment.  Why do we use pet names in relationships?

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  1. The modern environmental movement was begun by a scientist sounding the alarm. It wasn't her area, but marine biologist Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring anyway because no one else had the guts to risk the response of big chemical companies. It wasn't pretty.

    Dr. Marcia Angell is doing the same thing with big Pharma today. And she is suffering the same sort of attacks.

  2. Always appreciate your links. They lead to the most thought provoking stories.