Brain Science for Writers Roundup 8/3/15

An interrogation room of the Spanish Inquisition with two pr Wellcome V0041642

Livia's Pick: How to Extract a Confession…Ethically

Livia's Pick: The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives. HT Passive Guy.

Why screams are so scary. Good reminder about the dramatic effect of a scream, even if it's in print.

Active Duty Army Suicide Attempts Analyzed

There are four kinds of drunken personality (among students, at least)

What is the correct way to talk about autism? There isn't one

The Psychological Cost of Being a Maverick

The Long-Lasting Effects of Nazi Indoctrination

Does the Millennial know that tattoo might be a business faux pas? Some amusing tattoo stereotypes described here.

When Doctors Advise “Wait and See,” Worries Can Be Crippling

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