Help me solve the mystery of the noontime philanthropist. (And win an ARC)

EDITED TO ADD: Ack, I showed this to husband and turns out I totally forgot the part about angel dogs. (Think about it, if you've read Midnight Thief). Now added below.

Back when I started writing Midnight Thief, my Mischievous But Secretly Supportive Husband (MBSSH) told me, “I’m writing a book too. It’s called Noontime Philanthropist.  It will have angel dogs in it, and I’m totally going to hit the bestseller lists before you.”

He never ended up finishing (or starting) that novel, but as we get closer to launching the sequel Daughter of Dusk, I find myself thinking back on that intriguing title.

So today I turn the question over to you guys. What is Noontime Philanthropist about?

Just for fun, I’ll have Husband choose his favorite answer on 8/3, and I’ll send my last ARC of Daughter of Dusk to the winner.

 The official facebook thread for this discussion is here, though you can also comment on this post and I'll paste your answer into facebook for you.

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  1. Noontime Philanthropist is obviously a historical fiction novel!
    It's about a 34 year old man who time travels every day at noon to random, terrible historical events. At each event, he serves as a philanthropist and has to convince certain historical figures to change their actions for the good of the people. However, the man only has twelve hours in the past world to change their minds; if he fails to do so in twelve hours, he returns to reality, with the historical event intact. However, if he successfully changes the minds of the important figures, the future world changes as well. In this future bestseller novel, the man travels back to 1865 to convince John Wilkes Booth and the other conspirators not to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Will he succeed in persuading them? If he does, how will this impact the Reconstruction Era, and so forth? Since Mr. Blackburne never finished this novel, we'll probably never find out :(
    (And no, the man can't just tell Abraham Lincoln to not go to the play, that's cheating!)

    ((This is probably, most definitely completely off but hey it was fun!))

    1. Haha, thanks Emily. Quick update though. I realized I forgot an important detail that Noontime Philanthropist involves angel dogs as a major plot point. (If you think a bit about Midnight Thief, you might understand why that's important ;-))

    2. Oh my, I just realized that the title of Noontime Philanthropist is the opposite of Midnight Thief's. This and the fact that it's about angel dogs changes things..

      Noontime Philanthropist is a Midnight Thief fanfiction. It stars the dogs from the kennel, who are actually philanthropists from the neighboring city Parna. These angel dogs are trying to unite the two cities together, and they work the best at noontime; hence, they were easily drugged by Kyra at night. Plot twist: Idalee, Lettie, and the other children are the angel dogs.

  2. Couldn't comment on the FB post, but sent you a friend request :-)

    My guess is that the Noon Philanthropist is a high school girl who works at a pet shop and during her lunch hour donates part of her salary to a pet rescue and adoption center. When customers report halos and angel wings on the dogs she sells, the store profits increase. But her conscience starts nagging her that she's not actually improving the life of the abandoned pets she wanted to help.

  3. I think Noontime Philanthropist is about a burned-out executive whose housekeeper packs his lunch for him every morning. He spends all morning at work doing pointless high-powered things to make him lots of money so he can pay for things like the housekeeper who makes his lunch. And exactly at 11:59 every morning, he leaves his office, lunch in hand, and goes outside. He walks along the street and gives bits of his lunch to everyone who asks, never realizing the tiny ripple effects his philanthropy is having.

    What our lonely and dispirited hero doesn't realize is that he is being watched. Once he gave a beef jerky stick to a stray dog, saving the lovable mutt's life. That dog lived long enough, thanks to that beef jerky stick, to save a little boy who fell into a canal. Still weak from hunger, though, the dog succumbed to pneumonia and died. After death, the dog gains pull in the spiritual realms. He and his pack of angel dogs follow the Noontime Philanthropist around, protecting him from unseen dangers and secretly plotting his happiness.

    One day, a few months after the dog became an angel, he realizes the housekeeper has a creative daughter who is secretly in love with the legend of the Noontime Philanthropist. She has dedicated her life to a small food pantry on the corner of Kingsway and Mead, feeding orphans and the disabled. The pack of angel dogs bring the executive and the daughter together, and when the daughter realizes the executive is the Noontime Philanthropist about whom she has heard so much, she proposes.

    The Noontime Philanthropist quits his job to join her at the food pantry. He and his lovely bride then feed the hungry of their city for many years to come, slowly exhausting his fortune but multiplying their happiness a million times over.